Do you and your ex-partner have children together? So child support is an important part of the financial agreement that must be made during the divorce process. Child support is the contribution of non-breastfeeding parents to the care and care of their children.

Do you want to know how your finances are after your divorce? Please contact child support attorney tulsa and together we can determine how much child support you should pay or receive.

During the consultation, you and your ex-spouse can agree on child support amounts. This agreement will be set out in a parenting plan. If you can’t come to a mutual agreement, one of the child support lawyers will be happy to assist you. Can help with the negotiation process, determine the child support amount for you and develop a parenting plan. Child support lawyers handle child support determination by making maintenance calculations.

The judge will not only look at the financial situation of the child support recipient but also the financial situation of the child support payer. On the basis of both situations, the court will then determine the amount of child support.

Calculating child support

Maintenance calculation is a rather complicated calculation because many factors have to be taken into account. A child support lawyer will be happy to do some maintenance calculations for you.

Determine needs

First of all, the needs of the child must be determined. It is based on pre-divorce income. If there are special costs, such as international schools or child care, they can be increased.

Determine financial capacity

After the needs of the children have been determined, a load-bearing capacity calculation is made for both parties. This calculation determines whether the person responsible for maintenance has sufficient financial capacity to be able to pay the support. In order to determine the financial capacity of the person who must pay the support, the net income must be determined first. Child pension is a basic income, taking into account all sources of income, such as wages, allowances, and child-bound budgets.

Maintenance discount

Parents who have to pay support and who are also in contact with children will also be charged for child care. This includes expenses for shopping, driving back and forth. In principle, a certain percentage of the cost is included in the calculation

The percentage amount depends on the number of days visited per week. Parents who have an average care fee of one day a week for their child.

Carrying capacity comparison

The final step in calculating the height of child support is to create a load equation. In this equation, the costs of the children are divided between you and your ex-spouse in proportion to their means of support. The capacity of the person entitled to maintenance is compared with the capacity of the person responsible for paying for maintenance. After that, any maintenance discounts will be applied and adjusted if necessary. The scope of support is primarily aimed at child support. If there is room after that, the judge can also determine the net partner allowance.

Change child support

If it is not possible to change the child support in consultation with your ex-spouse, we can submit a request for change for you in court. We may do this if circumstances change or if, in your opinion, a court determines the maintenance in the original order based on incorrect or incomplete information.

You can think about the following situations, for example:

• dismissal or unemployment
• transfer of children
• a new or different job
• remarry, live together or enter into a registered partnership
• Change contact settings