At present, the common marking methods of auto parts on the market are: die casting, electric corrosion marking, self-adhesive, screen printing, pneumatic marking, and laser marking. Laser marking technology is the newest, but it has been of much concern because it has not been erased since its birth.

1. Car leather fabric steering wheel cover marking

The steering wheel cover can not only protect the steering wheel from wear, but also increase the feel and friction of the hand, prevent the hand from sweating and slipping, thereby increasing the response sensitivity and safety while the car is driving, and also plays a role in reducing vibration absorption. The steering wheel cover is very decorative, which makes the whole car interior more fashionable. After using a laser marking machine to engrave, cut, and mark on a car steering wheel cover, it is smoother, more aesthetic, and improves product quality.

2. Laser marking on the car seat cushion

At present, there are car cushions with different materials, such as leather, super fiber leather, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, polyester wool, etc. Car seat cushion processing is inseparable from laser equipment, such as hollow drilling, cutting, engraving patterns, fabric burning flowers, etc. Laser processing has the advantages of high precision, high speed, time-saving, and labor-saving.

3. Laser marking on car footrests

Water absorption, dust absorption, and decontamination of car footwear can effectively prevent water and dirt remaining on the sole of the foot from sliding with the clutch, brake, and accelerator, avoiding potential safety hazards and reducing the possibility of interior pollution and damage. After all, cleaning footwear is more convenient and economical than cleaning the interior. Suede car footwear can also completely absorb residual noise and sound echoes in the car, thus protecting your hearing from being damaged. Smooth carpet footpads can also be laser-processed, using a laser marking machine to engrave various patterns on smooth footwear, so car footwear is no longer monotonous.

4. Application of laser marking machine in car hanging

Car pendants are a kind of culture, which need to be small and beautiful, so as not to affect the vision of driving; the main part should not be too long, so as to avoid hitting the glass when braking; it can also vibrate a little while driving, some can make a little noise, which can well relieve driver fatigue and increase safety assurance. Good hanging cannot be done without laser technology processing. Bamboo and wood hanging pieces, crystal hanging pieces, etc can be engraved by a laser marking machine, or customized patterns can be customized!

5. Laser marking of car crankshaft, wheel hub, inner ball joint, and other auto accessories

6. Car piston ring laser marking

7.Two-dimensional code laser marking of the engine cylinder block and cylinder head

The application of laser marking in the auto industry mainly includes two-dimensional codes, clear codes, and other signs; logos, patterns, warning signs, etc. label nameplate marking; 3C certification of auto glass marking; production date, serial number, and other text-markings; transparent key marking, etc.

The main advantage of laser marking for auto parts is that it is a fast, programmable, and non-contact process, which is durable and is not affected by the steps required in the production process and harsh site environment.

Laser equipment for the auto industry includes QR code laser marking of the automobile cylinder block and cylinder sleeve, car crankshaft laser marking, car piston ring laser marking, car wheel roll laser marking, car brake pad laser marking, automobile instrument panel laser marking, joint laser marking the in-car ball and outer ball joints. Customers can buy the relevant laser marking equipment according to their needs, or call the hotline to customize special equipment. Lasit Laser will provide detailed solutions according to the car industry solutions for many years and customer needs.