4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Not Damage the Paint

4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Not Damage the Paint
4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint. The waterproof car cover is now the item that is always carried or more precisely is inside the car. This is due to its function as a protective car from extreme weather such as rain and heat, as well as when in the room.
If you want to get a car with a paint color that is still good and can look durable and durable, then you need to pay attention to the appropriate car cover. Don’t just choose there are things to consider.

Moreover, if it is raining, then you really need to buy a waterproof car cover.
4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint

Which can prevent water from entering the car, and the cause of mold growing on the car. For that see the following article.


4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint

1. Choose the appropriate material

You can choose the appropriate material if your car wants to be protected from rainwater.

Then choose a special outdoor. With a slick textured, and pores that are closed so as to prevent water from entering.

The material used is made of plastic, parachute, and Polyester whose purpose is to be waterproof.

Usually, it is equipped with various layers so that it does not tear easily and water does not enter.

Because of its use in a hostile environment, this cover has 4 layers.

Its purpose is to withstand exposure to rain and heat from the sun, in its first layer.

The second porous layer is also needed as a medium to breathe and avoid the entry of moisture into the car during the evaporation process.

This is what prevents the formation of mold because the humidity is minimized as much as possible.

For layers that cannot strengthen the composition so that it will be very durable.

It can be used for a maximum of 2-3 years if you take care of it properly. Because the layered material makes it durable.

And finally, the third layer is soft textured that can eliminate the risk of your car blisters and damage the paint due to friction.

This is what you need to pay attention to so it is not wrong in its use so that the car body is always maintained.


2. Advantages of Using Waterproof Car Covers

You don’t need to worry anymore because the inside of the car will avoid mold caused by the car being exposed to a long time by rain and sunlight. Because it is protected by a car cover.
Usually, the fungus appears due to humid conditions and causes unpleasant odors in the interior of the car, as well as the exterior.

This if left unchecked will damage the paint because the fungus is destructive.

For that, how to prevent it by using a waterproof car cover.

Not carelessly cover for the car, but pay attention to the waterproof material.

So expect no other negative things will happen.

In addition, using a car cover will also protect your car from the fading of the paint color, it should be noted.

Not the car cover can also damage the paint if you do not know how to install and remove it. For that be careful.

4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint

Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint

3. How to use a car cover

Damage due to neglect of the installation and removal of the car cover will cause serious problems with car paint, which results in blisters.

So it is not just any way.
By pairing slowly, make sure the smooth parts are inside, and the slippery parts are outside the car, not to flip over.

After that install slowly on the right and left, do not press too much.

Because it will make the cover and car body makes friction that can damage the paint.

For that a little loose but still neat on all four sides. And make sure it is installed perfectly.

To release it is also not original, you can lift the side first, do not force and slowly, then pull and fold back.

Then you will get a car that is always awake with no scratches.


4. How to Fold a Car Cover


In addition, there are additional tips that we will convey so that the cover of your car can be durable.

That is, to dry it first after use, do not fold in moist conditions.
It can cause mildew and odor, then fold it, and store it in its container, so it won’t get torn or damaged.

That’s the 4 Tips Choosing Car Cover Does Not Damage the Paint, hopefully, it’s useful for you.